Books By Barbara Taylor Sanders


Bloodline Secrets Barbara Taylor Sanders

Bloodline Secrets

Claudette, Laci Ann, and Justine are the beautiful daughters of billionaire Bill and Jeanette Lauden of Boston. Despite their social status, the young heiresses can’t seem to find inner peace or true love by honest relationships...

HIDDEN Ring Barbara Taylor Sanders

H idden

In the 1840s, love between a white English noblewoman and a Jamaican is taboo. Yet Lady Carmen finds herself with child by Jake Foster. Their mocha-skinned love child, Lilly, is banished to Putnam...

More Than a Promise Barbara Taylor Sanders

More Than a Promise

Her parents lovingly presented Jennifer Johnston a "Promise Ring" on her 10th birthday. She wore it in faith that life was good because God is full of wonderful promises. But when her parents divorce and...


The Laborers Are Few Barbara Taylor Sanders

The Laborers Are Few

Remarkable true stories to warm your heart which will inspire reaching those in need of love."The Laborers Are Few” presents a challenge to become a laborer in God’s harvest; a challenge the reader will find hard to...

Holy Spirit: For Real Barbara Taylor Sanders

Holy Spirit: For Real

Graham Cooke writes, “I don’t believe that God is supernatural. I think it’s perfectly normal for Him to raise the dead, heal the sick, perform extraordinary miracles and talk to people about their future. As we follow in...

Free to Love Free to Live Barbara Taylor Sanders

Free to Love Free to Live

Accepting the unconditional love of God is the way for every Christian to overcome obstacles in life that rob us of happiness. Jesus Christ is the pathway to freedom, but many in the body of Christ remain plagued with...


Putting’ On the Dog Barbara Taylor Sanders

Puttin’ On the Dog

This versatile writer is a non-football fan married to Daryl Sanders, a former Big Ten college football star and number-one draft-choice offensive-tackle for the NFL. Barbara Sanders is an award-winning humorist...

The Write Path

Writing fiction and non-fiction has been a passion since attending Northern Michigan University when an English professor read her short-story on the campus radio. Later in life, Barbara studied creative writing at Otterbein University.

Over the years, Barbara has enjoying teaching creative writing a Cape Coral Arts Studio and in various community workshops. She teaches students to “fall down the rabbit hole” allowing fictitious characters to “tell their story.”

As a natural story teller and a keeper of life-changing testimonies of friends and family members, she has produced inspirational journals that bring glory to the Lord.

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