• Holy Spirit: For Real
Holy Spirit: For Real

Graham Cooke writes, "I don't believe that God is supernatural. I think it's perfectly normal for Him to raise the dead, heal the sick, perform extraordinary miracles and talk to people about their future. As we follow in His footsteps and walk in the power of His love, speaking in the authority of His name, we get to become super-ordinary. We draw attention to the majesty of God; the astonishing grace and truth of Jesus; and the bubbling joy of the ever enthusiastic and powerful Holy Spirit. It's not required that we draw attention to manifestations.

A testimony is birthed when we allow the truth of God to be established in our experience of the Lord in life situations. The test of faith produces a story of His goodness and faithfulness to man. Everything the Father does is marvelous. Everyone marveled at Jesus in the Gospels! A testimony like a testament is the evidence of a witness, a proven demonstration of intent by someone. When God moves, men marvel.
I love the testimonies in Barbara's latest book, "The Holy Spirit: For Real." It's the account of how ordinary people are learning to be led by an extraordinary God. He is the phenomenon and we think He is marvelous. As we learn to love the life of Jesus within, He creates opportunities in the normal routines of life for the Kingdom to rise up within us and affect the world around us. The fullness of Jesus gathers up our ordinariness and combines both in a demonstration of the sheer power of His goodness. People taste and see that God is good.

It's wonderful to be ourselves in the Lord. It's marvelous when He is Himself in us. All of us need to gather our own testimonies about the fullness and abundance of all that God is in Himself. We must have testimonies of His nature and His name. My personal accounts of the Lord's love, joy, peace, gentleness and kindness have touched tens of thousands. My testimonies in the power of Jesus' name to change lives by extraordinary means has opened up many people to the intentional majesty of God.

Testimonies open the doors of our heart. They enlighten us about the immensity of all that God is for us. They provide us with an assurance that God will be the same for us. It is this essential evidence of what God is truly like that launches our own desire to know Him for ourselves.

I hope these testimonies open you heart. I hope they make you think. I hope they create a stirring in your spirit. I hope they lead you to seek His goodness. I hope you really want to marvel at Him. I hope you want to be super-ordinary. I hopeā€¦

Graham Cooke

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Holy Spirit: For Real

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